my 07years old child has many broken teeth due to cavity. his upfront teeth is completely broken due to cavity only the roots are left inside.whenver he tries to bite something using the front teeth it starts bleeding. all these broken teeth are baby teeth . i am worried how will they fall out. do i need to go to a dentist to take out the roots which are left inside. he also has cavity on his right molar and sometimes has swelling in the gum which is very painful. i will highly appreciate an early reply

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 25 - October - 2012, at 03:32 AM

  • First of all go and get the decayed tooth restored as the tooth which you have mentioned will be replaced by the adult tooth approx. at the age of 11 years and till then if the baby tooth gets infected it will surely effect the tooth bud of the adult tooth. The baby teeth are very important in maintaining the integrity of the arch. If due to any reason they have to pulled out then the adult teeth do not come in proper alignment. They can be crooked and if they got infected then hypoplasia of the adult tooth can be there.You should consult a pedodontist regarding the extraction of the root stumps.If the baby tooth can be saved, then emphasis should be laid on saving the tooth and not removing the tooth.Baby tooth is easier to remove from the socket. The roots of the baby tooth are mostly resorbed and are short which makes it easy to remove them.  There is little or no discomfort.So go to your pedodontist as soon as possible and get the baby tooth restored.

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