I was told I have a leaking filling after complaining about this tooth hurting for over a year.. It has a bad taste around there and the gums hurt. Now it feels like the nerve is pulsing and trying to get out. My appt is not for 4 weeks to get the filling replaced. Does this need a root canal or will replacing the filling stop the pulsing and discomfort? I was told the tooth is still alive but maybe on the outs. I don't want to waste money but this is tooth #10 right in the front. I think it also looks slightly greyer than the surrounding teeth. Should I wait for my appt or try to get in sooner?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 17 - March - 2014, at 19:44 PM

  • If the color of tooth has changed and you have pulsating pain along with bad smell and taste then it looks like that your tooth is infected and you will be needing root canal treatment followed by crown. So it is better you get the appointment asap otherwise you may end up having acute pain. Simply replacing the filling is not the option in your case as color change of the tooth means that vital part of tooth i.e. pulp has already started necrosing. Till then maintain good oral hygiene. So scheule an appointment with your dentist. for more info on root canal treatment you can check this link  in our website.... http://www.identalhub.com/article_why-is-root-canal-treatment-rct-required-299.aspx

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