My top gums are swollen and starting to come down covering my teeth. I've read things about receding but my gums are doing the opposite.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 17 - December - 2012, at 21:41 PM

  • Most common cause is infection of the “gingiva”, by a thin covering of food and bacteria on the tooth surface called “Plaque”. The bacterial content of this plaque trigger a response from the gingiva, which results in a swelling. The swelling is caused by accumulation of white blood cells and fluids, which in turn counteracts the action of the bacteria. Certain disease or deficiency condition may also result in swollen gingiva.E.g.: Vitamin C deficiency,Leukemia,Tumors or abnormal growth on the gingiva, which may be harmless or,can be cancerous.In case of swelling due to inflammation, good care of the teeth and the gums by proper and timely brushing and usage of mouth washes can reduce the swelling.If collection of plaque or food debris is in large amount then professional help is required to remove the deposits,which are firmly stuck to the teeth.In case of swelling due to general illness;correction of the health problem,usually results in an improvement.  For more info,visit the link

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