For about 8 years ,underneath my husbands tongue,he has had 2to 3 bumps various times and stages.they are large,hard,kind of look like fangs coming thru but the gum doesn't break. Sometimes one goes away,but comes back.they are almost even with his bottom teeth.meaningthe bump is length of teeth. They are painful to him again at various times ,and various levels of pain. The bumps have never busted.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 26 - June - 2012, at 21:26 PM

  • There are many reason behind those elevated bumps. It can be due to salivary gland infection, infection due to tongue or can be tongue ulceration. So, its better that before starting with medications you should better visit a dentist, get it checked manually and thus the correct diagnosis. For time you can take OTC antibiotics available in the market and dont try to poke the area as it can aggravate the condition. Also avoid smoking or eating any spicy food till the condition subsides. For more info visit the link...

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