I have alot of dental issues and live in severe pain from them everyday. I have chronic infections and antibiotics are getting to where they no longer work. I have been hospitalized due to these problems. I've also had some bad dentistry done. I feel embarrassed, don't want to smile or leave my house because of the problems. I have insurance but it doesn't touch the work I need done. I have chronic health issues that cost a fortune. I have to travel out of town regularly to see specialists I also have children. I do not qualify for any help. Its like I spend money I don't have to try to stay alive or try to get my teeth fixed. Is there a dentist who needs a poster child?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 27 - May - 2014, at 19:37 PM

  • My dear dental treatment is really some costly affair and I doubt you can get some major dental treatment free of cost. However still you can google hard for free dental treatment in your city. for this you can try ada.org website where sometimes there are announcements for free dental camps etc. You can also dental schools where the treatment is though not free but definately cheaper and if luck, you may get it free. for more info on how to get free dental treatment you can try this link in our website having info about this...... http://www.identalhub.com/articlecategory-dental-treatment-costs-94.aspx

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