My husband had a tooth extracted 6 hours ago it had stopped bleeding then he sneezed and we think he dislodged the blood clot now he has this gooey thing hanging in his mouth and if he pulls on it it hurts. it does not appear that its bleeding anymore so I would assume another clot has formed. What should he do about the hanging goo?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 19 - December - 2013, at 09:12 AM

  • First 24 hours after tooth extraction are very crucial because at that time clot is formed and it should not be dislodged and if you think that clot is still there then you donot have to worry. Donot pull anything out, if it hurts then visit your dentist and let him examine it. Without clinical exam it is difficult to give any comments, so it is better to get this examined. for more info on do's and dont's after tooth extraction, you can check this article in our website containing very good info on this....'s-and-don'ts-after-tooth-extraction-153.aspx

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