My Dentist says I have an abscess. He said the tooth is dead. I formed a bubble on the outside of my upper number 15 tooth. I believe I caused this by grinding on the tooth. I was never in any pain. My dentist took xrays and probed around the tooth. I looked at the xrays and didn't see any darkness around the tooth. It looked like my other teeth. He said my options were root canal or extraction with either a bridge or implant. He said that root canals don't guaranty removal of all the bacteria. I put a pad saturated with Grapefruit Seed extract on the gum and the tooth started draining (pus)in about 20 minutes. That along with Antibiotics have killed the infection. I am worried about his recommendations as everything feels fine and I am able to chew as if nothing ever happened. Is it possible that I just had a gum infection? It seems to me that he didn't do enough to determine that my tooth is dead. But I'm not a dentist. Any information/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 04 - February - 2012, at 09:46 AM

  • If there is bubble in relation to #15 tooth then either it is gum infection or it is due to some cavity in the tooth. If cavity is there then you can feel the hole in tooth and in xray you can see the  cavity. Most of the times there is pain but if the infection is not acute but slowly progressing then sometimes there is no pain and the tooth looks normal but there is difficulty in chewing. As you say that you donot have  any problems so it can be gum infection. You are already taking antibiotics and sometimes antibiotics temporarily give the relief but the infection can reoccur. It is difficult to comment without clinical and radiographic examination and if you are not convinced by your dentist diagonis then you can have second opinion. For more info on RCT you can read this article....

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