My 9 year old daughter has a white bump on her gums just below a tooth. She says the tooth directly above the bump doesn't hurt. Only if pressure is put on the bump does it hurt slightly. Her gums look a little red below the bump. However, the gums that are in line with the bump look white. When she rubs her tongue over the bump, she says it feels a little bit softer in comparison to the the rest of her gums. Thank you for your time, Tonia Also, I have a picture I'd like to post as well but can't figure out to add it

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 03 - July - 2014, at 20:06 PM

  • It is difficult to give diagosis in 9 year old child with bump in the gums as it can be because of erupting adult tooth or it can be due to infection in the tooth. So if there is decay in tooth then the bump can be due to infection and in that case xrya has to be done and see how far is the adult tooth and how much it has developed and accordingly treatment is done. It may need root canal treatment or can even be pulled out. But if the bump is due to erupting tooth then the baby tooth has to be pulled out. So go ahead and schedule a visit with dentist and get it examined and xrayed. for more info on children dental problems you can check this link in our website....

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