Hi, I had some cavities without pain . Last week i visited a dentist to clean cavities and fill with cement.After it is done my teeth started paining while chewing and when i went to dentist pain might be because of high filling and he adjusted it.But still on left side when i was chewing im getting little main at some point and on the right side my complete lower jaw is paining nearly below the teeth beside wisdom teeth and the pain is increasing alot causing sleeplessness . Could you please what might be wrong and suggest cure.The pain is increasing after eating and decreasing after some time but in the night time it is increasing for sure.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 20 - September - 2016, at 21:57 PM

  • Some times pain is there after getting the fillings done especially when the filling is high. and if you have pain in one tooth it looks like that all the teeth in that area are paining. You should wait for couple of days but if the pain is increasing and it is more while sleeping that is lying down then may be your tooth is infected. Visit yor dentist. He will take the history ,do the clinical examination and take the X-ray's to decide which tooth is infected. May be you have to undergo Root canal treatment . For more info on pain after fillings you can visit the following link on our website...


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