I had 3 fillings when I was younger due to "pits" in my teeth. I've always had beautiful perfect teeth..no cavities..no braces. I'd go to the dentist and they'd tell me my teeth were so clean that there was nothing to clean. I'm a 42 yr old female. About a yr ago, my hygienist told me it looked like I had about 10 cavities, but wasn't sure bc the machine was new and picks up everything. The dentist looked at my teeth and said I had a cavity in one of my back molars and a tiny one in a front tooth that I chipped, but not a noticeable chip. I asked about sensitivity issues and also about my very back molar that had a dark line at the gum line. I was told that both were due to me brushing too hard and wearing the enamel down. I went today and had a different hygienist. She took xrays and said it looked like I had cavities. I asked how many and she said ELEVEN. The dentist comes in and looks at my teeth..asks her to pull up xrays from last yr and says yep, they're there. He confirms that I have eleven cavities. I ask how do I go from 0 cavities to 13 in one year. He said "I'm really in shock myself". I've been crying for the past 3 hrs wondering how this is possible. I have floss in my purse, car, and desk and was told it doesn't look like I floss by the hygienist. She saw how upset I was and told me not to be upset bc some people just have bad teeth. The bad teeth comment just made it worse. I'd like to know how this is possible and if is this normal, which I'm assuming it isn't.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 19 - December - 2013, at 09:25 AM

  • It is very unlikely that you develop so many cavities in one year as cavity formation is a very slow process, unless something disastrous has happened like you have fallen very sick or have developed some systomic diseases which is can cause so many cavities in one year. So it is better you take a second opinion from a different dentist before going forward for filling for cavities. For more info on cavities, you can check this link in our website... http://www.identalhub.com/articlecategory-dental-caries-7.aspx

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