Hi doc, I'm 28 yrs old.3 weeks ago I had severe headache, the whole right side upto the jaw.it was so difficult to chew or anything.it last for 2 weeks.After that there occured a small ball like form near the last wis.teeth.there is some white thin patches inside the cheeks and in the hard palate there is yellow shade too..while I brush my gum bleads too..I dont want to fright my family..so I didnt tell anyone. IS IT ANYTHING SERIOUS OR JUST GINGIVITIS OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT? PLEASE GIVE ME A REPLY ASAP.THANK YOU VERY MUCH

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 12 - November - 2017, at 00:34 AM

  • From your description it looks like that either you are having erupting wisdom tooth or you have some infected tooth. In case of gingivitis you don’t have serve pain but you may have bleeding gums and dull pain. Without clinical examination and the x-rays it is difficult to give any diagnosis and hence the treatment plan. It is better you go to your dentist. He will do the clinical examination and take the x-ray to find out the cause of the pain. If it is because of erupting wisdom tooth or there is some infection in wisdom tooth, he may advise you to go for extraction of wisdom tooth. Wisdom teeth do not help in mastication so we don’t try to save it. More so ever the erupting wisdom tooth if it does not have sufficient space to erupt is called impacted wisdom tooth. Impacted wisdom tooth is always better to be extracted. If the problem is in some other tooth then the dentist will decide whether that tooth can be saved or not. In that case he may advise you to go for Root canal treatment followed by crown. Your symptoms are not suggested of any type of oral cancer. For more information on dental pain you can visit the following link on our website. … http://www.identalhub.com/blog/87/why-dental-pain-or-toothache     

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