I had 13 teeth extracted five days ago and am now edentulous in preparation for dentures. The pain has subsided quite a bit, but I find there is still throbbing in my gums, usually different spots at different times. I had stitches, some of which have come out. My question is: how long before I will not feel this throbbing? I have a one week f/u appt with my dentist, but am curious as to how long this mild pain might last. Thank you.

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  • alica

    alica 22 - May - 2012, at 09:06 AM

  • i had my right lower wisdom tooth pulled out surgically under sedation it was growing sideways and was rotten. i stopped breast feeding a week before the extraction and was having a root canal next to the wisdom tooth done but was covered by a temp crown. anyway its been 7 days and im in cmplete agony the pain has spread to the thorat and in the ear i asked my dentist if it were a dry socket and he said he cant tell as its healing on top and that it was prob an infection im taking mitraconazole and amoxicillin and ibrubuphen do u have any adwose is it just im unlucky hpw lpng will this pain last i dont think its a dry socket as its healed

  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 17 - November - 2011, at 23:36 PM

  • Fragment of tooth might be left in tooth extraction socket or they can be sharp bony flakes which may appear after tooth extraction. If lower teeth were extracted first and upper teeth were extracted after that, then fragment of upper teeth can also fall in lower teeth extraction socket. If fragments of teeth are still there in tooth extraction socket, then you have to get them pulled out from socket. Fragments of tooth can cause infection and lead to delayed healing of the socket. If tooth fragments are less than 5mm in dimensions and are non-infected, then they can be left in the socket. If they are sharp bony flakes which have appeared after tooth extraction, then you can get them smoothened or removed. Sharp bony flakes will delay the healing. Refer to your dentist to get extraction socket examined. By that time, continue with warm saline rinses and avoid irritating the extraction socket too much. Keep the tooth extraction socket area clean to avoid any secondary infections and follow all the instructions of your dentist.

  • maxine ross

    maxine ross 17 - November - 2011, at 06:16 AM

  • just had all my top teeth out and half of my bottom about 2 days ago I've been feeling my gums with my tongue and felt some teeth still in there will the bits of teeth fall out or will I have to go to a doctor to get them out.

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 16 - November - 2011, at 03:07 AM

  • In case of simple tooth extraction, tooth extraction socket takes 10-14 days to heal completely and in case of surgical tooth extractions, depending on the amount of trauma to the investing supporting tissues, tooth extraction socket may take weeks to months to heal completely. Mild pain which is there will reside in other 3-4 days if they were simple tooth extractions and may take 2-3 weeks to reside completely if they were surgical tooth extractions. Stitches should be at place at least for 5-7 days after tooth extraction. Stitches approximate the flap margins and facilitate the healing of tooth extraction socket. If they are non-resorbable sutures, then you have to get them pulled out from your dentist and if they are resorbable stitches, then they will dissolve on its own. Non-resorbable stitches are to be pulled out 7-10 days after tooth extraction. If there is severe throbbing, radiating pain present along with necrotic bone present at that site, then it can be because of dry socket. If you have these symptoms, then refer to your dentist for evaluation of the socket. You can continue with warm saline rinses and take the meds as prescribed for faster healing to take place. Follow instructions of your oral surgeon and keep the extraction socket area clean to avoid any secondary infections. For more info on pain after tooth extraction, refer to…   http://www.identalhub.com/dental-pain-after-tooth-extraction-890.aspx

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