I got the braces treatment done. The treatment lasted about 2 years and after that I had beautifully aligned teeth. Everything was fine for about appox 10-15 days and one day to my horror I saw that one of my tooth is moving and there is gap. I was horrified. Is it possible for teeth to move like this after braces treatment. I can not call my dentist as it is weekend and I am in great fix. Please let me know about this.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 16 - July - 2011, at 02:49 AM

  • There are times when after  you have got your braces off and had them off for a while you might go on to notice that you find Teeth Moving after Braces. This means that there might be gaps created in the teeth and also you will find that your straight row of teeth after the braces treatment no longer goes on to look as straight as you would like them to be. The thing to stop your teeth from moving after the braces treatment is done with is only one way and that is to go on and have the retainers on.

    The thing is that once your braces are removed, the dentist will advise you to leave them like that for about a week or so and then have retainers on so that you can stop your teeth from moving out of line. The thing is that most patients don’t heed the advice of the orthodontist about the retainers and therefore, they go on to find that their teeth move back to the original place as it were before the braces treatment.

    The Teeth Moving after Braces treatment will ensure that you don’t have any gaps in your teeth and your teeth don’t move back to their original place after the braces are off.

    The use of the retainers is so good that they will move everything back to the right place even if your teeth have shifted from the place that the dentist will like them to be in.

    Now, a point to be noted out here is that you must ensure that you go ahead and wear your retainer for at least 5 years. This might seem a long time but that is the only way to make certain that you do have the most fantastic of treatment option for Teeth Moving after Braces treatment. In fact, depending on your teeth and several other factors you might probably need to wear it for a longer time as well. As the time goes by you might not need to wear the retainers every day. But, you shouldn’t stop wearing your retainers completely. Rather, what you do need to do is to wear them for a few days on and off and you will ensure that your teeth don’t shift back into their original position.

    The thing with most patients is that they don’t realize that getting braces, getting your teeth straightened out and then ensuing that they do remain in that line are a long time commitment for one. In order to be able to do so what you do need is to make sure that you do wear the retainers. Sometimes, people tend to wear them for about a year or so and then think that they have had enough of the retainers and remove them. That is when the trouble starts. So, if you don’t want your teeth to be moving after you have worn the braces you need retainers.

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