I have a deep bite and now recently I started having pain in the TMJ area. The pain is while opening and closing the jaw and it is worst when I get up in the morning. My life has become hell because of this pain. I went to the dentist and i do not have any decayed teeth or gum problem. The dentist says that my problem is because of the deep bite and because of that I am grinding my teeth. He has referred me to an orthodontist for braces treatment. I was wondering whether my TMJ problem can be fixed with the braces treatment. As far I know the braces treatment is to align the teeth not to fix the TMJ . Please advise me as i am really confused.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 18 - July - 2011, at 01:18 AM

  • There are several people who have this question about Can Braces fix TMJ? TMJ can be an extremely painful and discomforting thing and there are people who are forced to live with it for years on end before something can be done about it.

    The first thing that people with TMJ tend to try out is to try on physio and massage. Most dentists initially go on to recommend this as it is a short duration treatment and can get to set the TMJ right for some folks. The first thing that you need to do is to find a dentist who really understands the horrifying effect of TMJ and tries all to set it right.

    The next thing on your mind should be Can Braces fix TMJ? There are several people who have tried the braces with TMJ treatment options and it has worked for them. The only thing is that you need to be aware of the TMJ situation and braces that it takes time for you to allow the transition. Once you are able to do so, you will be able to ensure that you can get the braces to allow you to get the TMJ in place. The braces treatment will take time but it will certainly benefit people with TMJ, as you can read the reviews and testimonials. The only thing is that once you get used to the braces and once you do you will notice that there is a significant amount of change in my teeth and a great improvement in my TMJ.

    Another good option for the question about Can Braces fix TMJ is that you go ahead and get yourself a second opinion. This will make sure that you are able to correct the inconsistencies with the bite and see what another dentist thinks about it as well.

    TMJ can be caused due to several different kinds of reasons and one of them either is an overbite or an under bite. What you do need to do is to make sure that you get the best treatment possible for yourself so that you can put to rest the suffering that TMJ can cause one.

    When people start wearing braces in order to get rid of their teeth within a few months they begin to notice a correction in their over bite or under bite. This can certainly be a great benefit to ones suffering from TMJ. Also, you will be able to ensure that you have less jaw discomfort and pain. Movement of teeth in the right direction can get your teeth all in one straight line for sure.

    The cost for the braces and TMJ treatment can be quite steep but at the end of it it is going to be worth every penny that you spend on it.

    There are people who have greatly benefited from this mode of treatment and you can certainly give it a shot before you go ahead with the other alternatives.

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