• Open Bite 09 - Sep - 2017, at 05:28 AM - 1

  • It's not really a problem, I'm just looking for answers. So I have an open bite which is very noticeable but only if I smile really big. It's not bad, my teeth don't curve in on the sides. It's only the teeth between my canines; I also have a slight overbite, so it kind of balances out. Anyway, m..

  • Loose permanent teeth / TMJ / Gum disease 01 - Nov - 2016, at 00:01 AM - 1

  • Hello. I am 17 years old and have TMJ, which I wear a mouthguard for. I also most likely am a tongue thruster. I have never been diagnosed with a gum disease, nor have I ever had a cavity. The past couple of weeks my bottom right second molar feels loose. I can hear clicks and pops sometimes when I..

  • I have always had a sucking tongue which is always done unconsciously. This is now very bad that it has given me bad smiles. I have a large gap in my front teeth especially at the lower level. I want to know how to first stop the tongue issue, and how long will it take to give me a good smile. Am n..

  • Tongue crib 25 - Aug - 2013, at 20:30 PM - 1

  • I have a tounge crib and it's affecting my social life and especially my eating habits I was wondering if I can just take it off whenever..

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