• I have an apical gum infection and swellling above my root canal which was done 3 years back. One dentist said I need to do surgery which I want to avoid. I did opg and there is one white spot inside gum where my gum is bumpy from outside.I need second expert opinion about surgery...

  • My dentist after scanning my tooth via X-rays said the previous dentist who removed the nerve from my 6-th tooth left a small piece of his instrument in a root canal and filled it with the substance which has formaldehyde in its composition. As a result, my current dentist after 2 unsuccessful effo..

  • Difficulty in perfoming Re Root Canal Treatment 26 - Jan - 2012, at 08:16 AM - 1

  • I recently went to dentist because my 5 year old crown fell out. They did x-rays and saw that I have an infection. So they referred me to an endodontist to perform a root canal. 2 different doctors attempted to perform the root canal but was unsuccessful. Both of them said that they could not remov..

  • Infected Tooth and the root canal treatment 03 - Jan - 2011, at 10:07 AM - 1

  • Number 25 has been discolored for two decades. Three years ago, a dentist suggested a root canal and I ignored it. In August a draining sore appeared between 21 and 22. A DDS prescribed Clendamycyin for 10 days and said it could probably be attributed to number 25. The sore went away. In September..

  • 2nd Root Canal VERSUS Apicectomy 12 - Jul - 2010, at 20:05 PM - 1

  • 4 years ago I had a root canal done to # 16 and dentist proceded to install a crown to that tooth. 1 year later pain was present XRAY was taken and we can see there is a small infection in the 3rd root (no post) of the tooth therefore dentist instructed me to see an specialist (surgery) to get an..

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