• while playing basketball yesterday i took a hard elbow in the mouth pushing my 2 top front teeth in. they didn't chip or break in any manner...i went to the restroom and was able to push them back out to they're original spots. my gums do not hurt or my mouth.and the teeth do not feel loose. howeve..

  • Treatment for the loose tooth 15 - Dec - 2010, at 20:04 PM - 1

  • I got hit on my front tooth and it is very slightly loose. Should I be worried? Will it heal or should I immediately see a dentist to brace it? It is not severe and I don't know why I am so worried but it feels uncomfortable and I can move it a little...

  • Dental implants and the mouth guard 04 - Oct - 2010, at 10:44 AM - 1

  • i got a dental implant this week. it is a front tooth. i got a temporary crown on it since i am 16 and need a front tooth. i need to participate in a high school rodeo and am afraid i will hurt it. is it ok to wear like a boil and bite mouth guard over my teeth to protect it or will it be bad to we..

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