• Brittle Roots on tooth 01 - Mar - 2014, at 09:06 AM - 1

  • I had two crowns break off below the gum line. I have a dry mouth due to meds that I am taking. I am doing every thing I'm supposed to for this. My dentist says that the roots are brittle and I might loose more theeth. What is your opinion on brittle roots and what I can do to reverse this? John..

  • Dry mouth after Step infection 10 - Mar - 2013, at 04:38 AM - 1

  • I recently got strep and for some reason I can't sleep without opening my mouth which makes my mouth dry. This started on tuesday. Now my gums are hurting really badly. I want to know why this is happening? And how can I make it stop...

  • Dry mouth parmanent cure 03 - Mar - 2012, at 02:38 AM - 1

  • I am 22 year old boy.My mouth dries very quickly.I drink water frequently.Still it stays dry.And my tongue is sticky.I feel bad smell whenever I open my mouth.What should I do to solve this problem permanently? Please help..

  • Lump under tongue 13 - May - 2011, at 19:35 PM - 1

  • I have a small white stone like lump under the tongue. The lump is under the skin of the tongue and can be moved around. I have had dry mouth for about two weeks and possible swollen lymph nodes. I have been taking solodyn pills for my acne recently...

  • I have a persistent dry mouth (and hence halitosis) specially after brushing the teeth and also whenever I walk out of my home (has it got something to do with outdoor pollution?)? It is getting very difficult to communicate with random people on the streets because of the resulting halitosis. How..

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