• I have an urgent palate expander question 31 - Aug - 2015, at 20:13 PM - 1

  • So I got a palate expander on the roof of my mouth and my instructions were to have someone assist me with turning the key everyday for two weeks. Today my they might have turned the key twice and now I feel a slight pressure on my jaw and nose. Do I leave it or find a way turn it back? Also if I d..

  • Expanders with braces treatment 05 - Aug - 2011, at 04:31 AM - 1

  • I have braces and my dentist says there going to give me expanders. But I wanted to know if there are any removable expanders so I can take it out when needed ?..

  • Hi after 4 months I finally got my palatal expander removed today and got top braces in and dentist placed another appliance cemented in that Im have to use for 4 months... He says its suppose to act as a retainer.... This thing looks like a metal potato masher the swirly wire ones and it sits way..

  • palatal expander and rinoplasty 20 - Dec - 2010, at 09:42 AM - 1

  • i have a palatal expander right now and it seems like i'm gonna have it for 5 months more . i feel pressure on my nose and i read on different sites that it changes the nose.So i was thinking to get a rhinoplasty while i'm having the palatal expander in my mouth but i don't know if is a good idea s..

  • Loss of Palate Expander & Braces 05 - May - 2010, at 19:48 PM - 1

  • Hello! I'm 18 years old and I have a problem.. I lost my expander for about a month and I wasn't able to visit my dentist because of my busy schedule. I am worrying that she won't be able to put my braces because I have a crooked tooth(deep). I know it's my fault.. but will she be able to put my br..

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