• dear doctor,using Colgate Whitening Oxygen Bubbles just for two times(both brushing & tongue cleaning) inflates my gum and i feel a burning sensation in my mouth.i have been using sensodyne for about 3 months as it was recommended by my dentist after tooth scaling. should i continue Colgate whiteni..

  • Dental pain because of the loose wisdom tooth 28 - Feb - 2012, at 00:19 AM - 1

  • At Christmas time I was chewing on a tough lolly and my back wisdom tooth pulled out a bit. It healed fine after a few days but it loosened up again on a piece of chewing gum about 3 weeks ago, since then it has been quite painful. I have been trying not to chew on that side but it still doesn't se..

  • Kids toothpaste Vs Adult tooth paste 04 - Apr - 2011, at 07:25 AM - 1

  • Is it safe for my 6 year old to use normal (non-kid) toothpaste? Its close up whiting sparkle gel. She keeps telling me she no longer wants to use her "kiddy" toothpaste and wants you use ours...can i let her?..

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