• Getting rid of Tooth Discoloration 26 - Mar - 2011, at 20:09 PM - 5

  • I brush my teeth several times a day, using all the Crest 3D products, the rinse, toothpaste, and the toothbrush;and yet my teeth are still yellow. My teeth have always been yellow. I stray from food/drinks that discolor my teeth like soda, juice, coffee, and yet they never whiten. How can I whiten..

  • Multiple implants and the teeth whitening 08 - Oct - 2010, at 11:15 AM - 5

  • A few years ago I had my dentist recommend to extract most all of my molars instead of trying to save them. Now I'm 28 with upper and lower partials and I hate them so much I don't even wear them. It is very embarrassing. I also need my natural teeth whitened. Baisiclly I got Skipped with the nice..

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