• Treatment for Burnt Mouth while Diabetes 11 - Aug - 2012, at 00:54 AM - 1

  • About a week ago, I burned the inside of my top gums just above my teeth on the left side. However, I keep scraping it with my toothbrush when I brush my teeth which is preventing it from healing. Tried gargling with Scope mouth wash but it does not help. I am diabetic and have metal in both kne..

  • I had my 2nd molar on my lower right side extracted under local anesthesia on March 1st (18 days ago). The tooth had a prior root canal by a lousy dentist who covered it with some sort of white cement-like substance and never told me I had to return for a crown. Before I had gotten the tooth extrac..

  • Denture problem with the old dentures 14 - Mar - 2012, at 09:01 AM - 1

  • dear sir,im am adenture wearer since 5 years ago durng this period i did not have problem.Before mor than month istart to have mouth burning specialy when i take out my denture out at night.At present time iam waiting to have new set of denture.i ask you kindly if i did good thing to get new dentur..

  • Burning mouth syndrome with teeth involved 02 - Sep - 2011, at 23:57 PM - 2

  • For the past 7 months, I have had a self-diagnosed BMS. Several local specialists have gone along with this diagnosis, as almost no tests are available. Meds have been ineffective. My BMS has the classic symptoms, burning tongue and palate; however, both top and bottom incisors also burn and ach..

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