• Onlay inlay 31 - Aug - 2016, at 06:02 AM - 1

  • To Whom It May Concern, I am planning to get an onlay on one of my tooth that doesn't have much left, and it already has been treated. There is a tooth right next to it, which also has been treated (filled), and probably going to last for less than 5 years. Is it a good idea to get the onlay in th..

  • Cost Of Inlay On Molar 23 - Sep - 2012, at 22:05 PM - 1

  • Hi I need some information about prices of having an emax IPs inlay on my uper molar #3. I want to know only for clinical coast, doctors part. Thank you...

  • Crown on a tooth having inlay 24 - Mar - 2012, at 08:12 AM - 1

  • After breaking a corner, one of my molars was repaired with inlay 7 years ago. Through Xray my current dentist has said there is a shadow and wants to drill the tooth and put a crown on it. The tooth looks fine, is not broken and there is no discomfort with chewing or any other action. Should I..

  • Tooth decay in front teeth in 2 year old 01 - May - 2011, at 10:33 AM - 1

  • her 2 front top teeth are verythin and deaying up near the gum...will this be the same in her second teeth? can i do anything. she brushes daily drinks water hasnt had a bottle since 1 but still drinks from a sipper cup does this cause the problem..

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