• Allergies from Anesthetics 05 - Nov - 2012, at 04:36 AM - 1

  • I am a 55 year old female in good health--No medications at all. I went to the dentist to get a filling as I have in the in the past and after I received the shot to numb my mouth-i couldnt breath/my blood pressure went out of control/shaking uncontrollaby/i was given oxygen. What went wrong?..

  • Allergic/toxic reaction to dental work 06 - Mar - 2012, at 00:04 AM - 1

  • Hi. I had full restoration of my whole mouth with zirconium crowns. 8 months later i developed a white tongue and a severly irritated throat, ENT speialist said its either fungus or an allergic reaction. Fungus test came back negative, he gave me a regular allergy test which also was negative. I gu..

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