My # 19 had a crown on it in 2007 from an old filling. No aches, no pains, nothing. Just a crown as the filling was around 30 years old. The tooth did have a pins as the tooth broke and they build around it years and years ago. Root canal in Dec 2008. All good up to April. Now starting to Ache. Endodontist did the root canal and checked and said, the root canal looked good, but still aching and getting worse. General dentist checked it this week, said the root canal was good, but possibly a fracture in the tooth not showing in the Xray due to the Crown. General Dentist stated, options, do the root canal again, or extract and implant. Depending on how much I wanted to spend, that is , try the root canal to save the tooth but if it is a fracture, that will not fix it and wasted money. Is this the only option??? Ache is from jaw and goes up into ear or jaw area..

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 30 - April - 2009, at 20:20 PM

  • If after getting Root Canal Treatment it is causing problem the either you have to go either re-root canal problem or to get it extracted but you can talk to your dentist who may precribe you antibiotic and some times after this 3-5 days of antibiotics the infection goes away and there is no need to go for any treatment. But if the pain recurrs after this then you have to go for the treatment and in my opinion it is better to take chance for rfe-root canal treatment. For more on Root Canal and Re-Root canal treatment you can read the following very informative article from our website....

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