Dear Sir, I have root canal treated crowns for my front teeth. There are metallic crowns and coated with ceramic. Now that the dentist asked me to go for scaling for every 6 months, i want to know whether scaling can be done on ceramic coated crowns. I have a fear that if scaling is done to ceramic coated crowns, the ceramic coat on crowns may vanish and and metal will be displayed. Please clarify my doubts. Thank you.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 08 - February - 2010, at 20:06 PM

  • Scaling is done to maintain the healthy gums. With this the ceramic on the metal does not errode. It is done with the ultrasonic scaler which is not harmful for the teeth and the ceramic coating. So you should not be worried and get the scaling done after every 6 months to maintain the healthy teeth and gums. If you want to know morwabout the scaling you can visit the following link n our website.....

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