Hello. I just had a cavity filled in one of my lateral incisors. While I was there I told the dentist about some of the pain I was feeling, a little pain from the tooth and around the tooth, and he said that I would need a root canal. For maybe the past 10 years, if I put pressure on this tooth in a particular way, I would feel a kind of tingling/itching/minor pain further up on the tooth, to where I think the root is. So my tooth has been like this for a long time. I even remember my old dentist back then telling me it may need a root canal at some time in the future. I had made an appointment today to do a filling, because there was an obvious hole in the tooth from an old filling falling out. Before I had the filling done, the dentist tapped the tooth, and poked at the hole, but I didnt feel any pan from that. He did the filling and told me to make an appointment in 6 months for a cleaning and examination. This is a new dentist for me, I had a cleaning and some work done by a different dentist about 2 months ago. But I was unhappy with my treatment there, so I went somewhere else. The problem with that is that my insurance only covers 1 set of xrays every 6 months, so my new dentist had no xrays to look at. He also last week extracted one of my molers that had some serious decay. Now its been about 12 hours after the filling, and the tooth hurts more then ever. The pain is mostly localized above the gumline, like where I think the root is. Its not a high amount of pain, but it does make me worry. My question is, is this normal? Is it normal to have some pain in the root after a filling? And if I do need a root canal, can it wait for 6 months when I can get a full examination? The dentist didnt seem to concerned, doing the filling and then saying come back in 6 months. He said that as long as I dont feel pain, its ok to wait until he gets a full set of xrays. (Though he was talking about my teeth in general, not the tooth he recently worked on) But now the tooth is hurting. Its only minor now, but Im worried about it getting worse. Is the root dieing? Is it infected? Will the infection spread? Everywhere I read, they say get the root canal done sooner rather then later. So then why can this tooth wait for 6 months? Or even 10 years?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 03 - August - 2015, at 19:41 PM

  • Yes it is normal for a tooth to have minor pain after a dental filling. If it is not increasing and is bearable then you can wait for day or two but if it is increasing then it is better you go for root canal treatment. You have already waited for 10 years for this tooth but sometimes the infection is chronic and it does not hurt much but when you get the refilling done, somehow it triggers and then you have to get the root canal treatment done. So wait for a day or two and then according to symptoms make a decision. for more info on root canal treatment you can check this link in our website.... http://www.identalhub.com/articlecategory-root-canal-therapy-17.aspx

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