tooth (#14 i think, upper left) was recently drilled and capped in hopes of saving it, from either dental caries or fracture (xrays, tap test, and an electro test was done). after drilling and recapping, two months later it has abcessed and need to choose between root canal or extraction with a bridge inplace. Am having much difficulty deciding would like to choose the best long term option with less likely recurrence of abcess or painful/pricey procedures following. please help.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 28 - May - 2009, at 20:27 PM

  • The best treatment is to go for Root Canal Treatment and then get a dental crown. Whent the Root Canal Treatment is properly done, the chances of abcess formation are very less and this treatment is less expensive than if you go for extraction. After extraction, the options are either the bridge or implants. In bridge the dentist will grind two adjacent teeth also and in implant the dentist will drill implant into the bone. The chances of failure are there in all the cases. So best is to go for conservative treatment in which your natural tooth is saved. For more on Root Canal Treatment you can read the following very informative articles on this in our website..

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