Can I pass my halitosis to my offspring? If not, what are the measures to prevent them from having one? I'm suffering with halitosis for 15 years, tried everything the recent one was smartmouth but didn't help at all. I was diagnosed with periodontitis last year & was successfully treated, I have also gone though series of teeth & gum cleaning after that & as well as tooth removal in hopes of combatting halitosis, but it still persist. Pls. give me your thoughts on these, I'm running out of options. Thanks

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 02 - July - 2009, at 20:44 PM

  • The gum problems like periodontitis can be hereditary so you have to be very carefu to maintain good oral hyg in your kids as it can be preventive. Regarding you if after getting the treatment done, you are still having halitosis then you can look for other systemic problem which can also cause halitosis like chronic sinus problem or gastrointestial problems. For that you can visit your physician. The complete information on bad breath/halitosis can be read from our following article.

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