i had a little querry regarding the treatment my teeth require.. i have been suggested by a dentist that i will have 2 get 6 extractions done, including my wisdom teeth as there is overcrowding n then will have to put on braces fr 1 and a half year.. bacause my front two teeth are not aligned,one tooth is overlapping the other tooth a bit so it totally spoils my smile.. for a nicer smile i will have to go through the braces treatment suggested.. bt i am not very sure of what the dentist has suggested as i live ina small town, so doubt the doctors seggestion.. and also i am 20 years old n i dont want 2 get braces at this age.. so is there an alternative solution..

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 10 - January - 2010, at 07:22 AM

  • If your front teeth are only overlapping each other a bit and they are not out and other teeth are well aligned then you have the option of cosmetic dentistry to teeth the overlapping. In this the dentist can go for selective grinding or you can opt for veneers depending on the severity of overlapping but if it can not be treated by cosmetic dentistry then you have to go for braces where extraction is quite common if space is not there. Decision can be made only after seeing the case clnically and the xrays. If you want to know more about braces you can then browse our website.. http://www.identalhub.com/articlecategory-braces-21.aspx

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