I suffer from several Mouth Ulcers on my Gums and under my Tongue just where my Lower Dentures sit making it painful and uncomfortable to wear my Dentures. Also, I have had a coated Tongue for quite some time for which I have been sucking some Lozenges for about a week which has cleared it, but it is beginning to come back - I think that it is "Oral Thrush", and I just do not know what to do about it. There is some bad "Build-Up" on my Dentures, especially the Lower ones, and I cannot seem to get it off at all, although I have tried to scrape it off with a small knife which does not get it off - I know that I should not use a knife to scrape my Dentures as this may cause some damage. Please advise me as to what I should do with regard to these problems, via E-mail as soon as possible. Please do not publish my Name or my E-mail Address on your Web-Site.

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