was removing denture, and one of my three implants just placed a year ago, came out. what should i do ? i attempted to replace it, and it wont go all the way in, most of the way, but not all. its friday late, and am worried about pain or infection. there was minimal blood, and currently just feels sore, no ache... yet ! can i wait till monday to see a dentist, or should i go to emergency room? was replacing it the right thing to do ? should i try to get it in all the way? and if so , how? help...

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 20 - June - 2009, at 07:08 AM

  • It is better if you go to Emergency Room as the socket will start healing and then it will be difficult to put the implant back in socket and chances of infection are there. If you are not able to go then keep that area clean and do warm saline rinses so that infectoin does not occur. You can contact your oral surgeon if he is available on Sat.

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