Help! Suffering from impacted wisdom tooth/ abcess- in worst pain ive ever felt; can barely open jaw fully, no amount of pain killers is helping, nor is anbesol---i was laid off recently so am without insurance amd have no savings. I have 6 amoxicillin pills - advice? Thaaank you!

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 12 - July - 2012, at 00:18 AM

  • Dear PATRICIA, I would recommend you to take it out as broken root fragment is considered as an outside body and may lead to infection. Also it might hamper the normal healing process...

  • Patricia

    Patricia 11 - July - 2012, at 14:08 PM

  • I got my wisdom teeth pulled out on tuesday, dentist had difficulties with one tooth lower right side, my tooth was impacted he broke it in 3 pieces took out 2, left one. He explained it was too deep and did not want to risk nerve damage is this normal? that a piece of tooth is still there? any advise?

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 11 - July - 2012, at 01:13 AM

  • Dear CATIE, Pain due to wisdom tooth requires clinical management. Thought the antibiotics can relive the pain but only for a specific period. So, i would suggest you to visit a dentist, get the Xray done and see if the tooth is not in its normal position then better get it removed..

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