I am scheduled to have braces mounted on Tuesday, February 3, 2009. I am having this done through a dental school. I have a Maryland bridge (#9 is a prosthetic attached to #'s 8 and 10) which has detached on one side (#10). The plan was to remove the metal from the detached tooth and leave the remaining bridge in place throughout the realignment. Spacers would be applied to facilitate the movement of teeth 11 and 6 which are in crossbite. The process is expected to take six to nine months to complete realignment. My orthodontist called yesterday to tell me they would not pursue this, but would leave the bridge in place as is. They would rather try to move 11 and 6 up, out, then down, without the spacers. This sounds like it will: 1) take longer to achieve final results; 2) may cause unecessary pain; 3) be more expensive; 4) add an unnecessary step. This sounds more like a whim than a well-thoughtout process. Please explain.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 05 - February - 2009, at 03:36 AM

  • Regarding your problem your dentist must have done the analysis of the spaces and found out that the space is sufficient to move the teeth no. 11 & 6 without removing the metal part of the bridge for #10. So in any case as you are saying that #11 & 6 are in cross bite, they have to be brought out from the cross bite to bring them in the alignment. I donot think so that your dentist is doing something without planning. As he has seen the case and is specalist you should have faith in him. Ultimately the results matter. Regarding time of braces, I donot think that it will take more time and the pain will be the same as with the previous plan. If it is taking more time then the chances of relapse are less. For more on braces you can read the following... Braces

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