hi im 29 years old and im a single mom.. I currently live with my mom whos diabetic but always helps me out with my son who's 3 .. well the reason im emailing you is because i really really need your help...i have psoriasis, joint pain, asthma and even anemia but what really bothers me and Im in desperate need of is dental work i have loose teeth and also need extractions, root canals to braces just the extractions and root canals are about $6,000 and im a single mom i cant afford that so right now im depressed, i have low self esteem, and avoid social situations.. i dont even smile in pictures anymore, i know how important a beautiful smile is and its the first thing people notice now im just soo self conscious about it ive thought about giving up dating because my horrible smile makes me feel so ugly... Im going to start lookin for job soon and i know its going to affect me when i go to interviews because ill be soo worried about my teeth.. i know a new smile would be a new outlook on life it would open doors it would change my life completely for the better... i want to be able to go out with my son without feelin self conscious and just have fun... i would really love to have a beautiful smile.. please help make that dream come true for me.... ill be looking forward to hearing from you thank you and god bless

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 24 - July - 2009, at 20:37 PM

  • Yes you are right and you have to get the treatment done as beautiful smil does make a difference and it is an asset but the confidence come within. If you donot have the money then you can try out some dental school near your home where they offer cheap and even sometimes free treatment in order to teach the students but the treatment quality is always perfect.

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