my 5 yr old has had a loose tooth for about 2 months, my husband says we should takes it out in order for the permanent tooth to come out and be straight. Is this true and if so, what if all her other teeth take long to fall out. Do we manually remove them all?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 19 - October - 2009, at 19:49 PM

  • If the adult tooth is coming behind the baby tooth and you can see it only then you should get the baby tooth pulled out. Otherwise you should wait. Normally when the adult tooth comes in the oral cavity the baby tooth its self falls. It is the normal process but some times the baby teeth are retained, that is they do not fall themselves even after the eruption of the adult tooth. In that case the baby tooth has to be pulled out. If you can not see the adult tooth then you can wait and let it fall out its self. For more information on children dentistry you can visit the following link on our web site.......

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