I have had two root canals, and two crowns put on tooth #13 over the past 1.5 years. Sometimes it is still slightly painful. Also, I had flap gum surgery 6 months ago between tooth #14 and tooth #15. I have a pretty big gap between 14 and 15 now, but it's not really painful anymore. A couple of days ago the pain around #13 came back hardcore. Also, #14 hurt slightly. I went back to my dentist and endodontist, who have both treated me on #13. They did the usual hot/cold tests, tapping, etc. He even mentioned that tooth #14 may need a root canal, but he's not sure. He takes xrays every time I go, and always says the root canal and crown look perfect. I have also had a bad sinus issue for the last two weeks, with lots of pressure and drainage. The endodontist prescribed antibiotics that I am currently on. He also wanted to give me vicodin, but I will not take narcotic drugs. I don't like them. Anyway, this is the 4th time since my initial root canal that a similar issue has happened. The previous times I was also prescribed antibiotics. Eventually, the pain would subside and I'd be fine. Just when I start to feel normal again, here comes the pain again. I've (obviously) had quite a bit of work (and thousands of $'s) in that area of my mouth, and I'm growing increasingly frustrated because it's never rectified. Based on my short description, can you shed any light on what may be going on? I seem to be getting thrown around the same circles every time by my endo and dentist. Thank you!

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