Re: tooth next to big front tooth. I recently had a filling fall out of this tooth and the dentist tells me that it is now all rotted from the inside per x-ray and needs to come out. My question (may be silly?) Is it possible to lose a filling and allow coffee and nicotine staining to leach inside the tooth's interior and make the xray appear as tho the tooth is rotten? I visit the dentist every 6 mo. and have no problem with this tooth other than the composite filling coming out. No pain either and he said the decay is into the nerve. I hope this question isn't too absurd?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 01 - October - 2009, at 20:38 PM

  • If the xray says that it is badly decayed then you can discuss the option of Root Canal Treatment and putting crown above that if possible. But some times the resorption is to the extent that tooth cannot be saved then it has to be pulled out. You have to discuss it with your dentist. Regarding leaching of coffee and tea and causing the stain, it is not possible but sometimes even if the filling is present, because leakage the food products and the bacteria go inside the tooth and cause the decay. The decay is not a stain but it is the bacterial decomposition of tooth structure. For more information on dental caries you can read the following articles from our website...

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