Are jaw bone (upper) grafts ever done BEFORE the patient has lost any teeth or has no evidence of loose teeth or overt gum problems? My dentist gave me a referral to a periodontist for bone grafting but I have a full set of good teeth, never have lost ANY teeth nor do I have any loose teeth. I have always taken care of my teeth. I don't get this. I have had this dentist for 12 years and he has never mentioned this to me before. I was told they will pull out my GOOD teeth to do this.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 27 - March - 2009, at 10:05 AM

  • normally bone grafting is done when there is bone loss even if has not lost the teeth and the teeth are not loose. This is to prevent the loosening of teeth and sequent tooth loss. Bone loss is because of some gum problem normally periodontitis. In your case your dentist must have seen the bone loss and to prevent the loss of teeth, he has advised the bone grafting.

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