I’ve already had braces, but my malocclusion is back and it’s 5 times worst before (5cms). I’m a 30yrs old female. My front teeth flares out about 5 to 7 cms from the bottom, I have a big lisp and a big open bite. I was not discipline with my retainers so now they don’t fit anymore. I’m always in pain, my cheeks hurts, my upper lips hurts, my TMJ hurts and cracks everytime I open my mouth, basically most of my muscles in my upper face hurts or are sore from the strain of my severe open bite. If I were to get my 4 top teeth removed will that help my problem, or relieve this pain. Would dentures work for me and would it make me look old(like the development of premature deep labial folds), I’m trying to retain my youth and beauty, at the same time I would like to correct my profile. The reason why I mention dentures was because I can’t afford braces at all. How can I get the dental or healthcare insurance to cover the full price for braces ($5,000)that is medically necessary and NOT cosmetic? Is there a certain cpt or icd-9 code to use or should I write a letter to my insurance company? Thank you for your feedback in advance.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 06 - January - 2010, at 09:46 AM

  • If you have open bite and the problems associated with it like muscle soreness and lisping then you should not take rash decision of extraction of teeth and getting the denture without consulting the dentist. It may treat your lisping but the muscle soreness and TMJ problem will not be treated by this. It is better you go to dentist and get proper check up done and decide the options. For more on dental topics you can browse our website www.identalhub.com

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