Hi, about 5 months ago a tooth that is capped starting hurting really bad. For about a whole day it hurt really bad, but then after that day it was fine. Soon after that I started to notice a lump or something over that tooth which then turned more into a bump. Now it seems to have gotten smaller. But it kind of gets hard after I brush my teeth or eat and then othertimes its soft or deflated like a empty blister. It doesn't hurt at all and I never did anything about it because I kept thinking it was going to go away. It worries me a lot because I dont know what it is. I plan on going to the dentist soon, but that still might not be for a couple of more days.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 05 - February - 2009, at 03:36 AM

  • Regarding your problem, the bumb on the side of the tooth is a intraoral sinus which is usually formed when the tooth is infected and the pus starts oozing out of that sinus. It will not heal itself and you have to go to dentist who will remove the crown and do the root canal of the tooth. If it is already root canaled tooth then retreatment is needed. For more on root canal treatment you can read the following very informative Root Canal Article from our website... Root Canal Therapy

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