I was playing stick ball and was hit in the face with the lacrosse stick from a uppercut type hit and I have braces. my bracket for the tooth that was wiggling it's cement gave out yesterday so the bracket is loose. The tooth whos cement gave out is the only tooth that is wiggling all the others are fine. I bled a little in my gums when it happened. Will my tooth die? Is the damage bad? cause right now I can only move it back n forth but its not a big distance but it is kinda as loose. Thanks matthewpascua@gmail.com

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 08 - February - 2009, at 21:38 PM

  • Regarding your problem, donot try to move the tooth which is loose and go to your dentist. He will relieve the pressure on the tooth and if necessary do the splinting.As there was trauma to the tooth there is a chance that tooth can become nonvital as the pulp tissue can become necrosed because of trauma. The dentist will come know about it by doing pulp vitality test. In that case you have to go for Root Canal Treatment. Till you visit the dentist do not move it and donot bite anything from that tooth.

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