Went to a dentist yesterday who accepts my union coverage....1st visit.....I think I have good teeth.........He examined them and said I have Gum disease, need braces and a night guard......he quoted $5000 each for the braces, which sounds like $10,000 to me..........there were no x-rays taken.......all I wanted to do was join a dentist group for checkups etc.....he never mentioned cavities or anything else..........afraid to go back.........Michael

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 30 - January - 2010, at 22:45 PM

  • The cost for braces treatment is usually $5000. though it can vary a bit from place to place and depends upon the case also. You must be grinding your teeth that is why the dentist suggested you for night guard. If you are satisfied with your smile and is not consious then to get the braces treatment or not is your decision but for gum disease and the grinding normally known as bruxism, you should get the treatment. There is no need to go for X-ray's to diagnose these problems But if you agee for the treatment then to prceed with, the X-ray's will be taken. If you want to know more about the night guard or braces you can browse our website where lot of info is available on these topics.

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