I have loose teeth which are painful is there any treatment that can save them instead of extraction ?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 19 - November - 2012, at 02:42 AM

  • Splinting can help you save your loose teeth. In a splinting procedure, your teeth can increase their strength.Your dentist will place a thin wire that resembles one used with dental braces to stabilize your teeth. A white composite made of resin filling material will be bonded onto your teeth to keep the wire in place. The resin is the same type used to fill cavities. The wire and fillings will join your loosened teeth to your surrounding stable teeth, allowing you to eat without pain. This splint will be a permanent solution to save your loose teeth and avoid extraction.Good preventive maintenance is needed after your teeth are splinted. You will have to use a device known as a proxy brush to carefully brush between the splinted teeth. You will no longer be able to floss.Also, you will need to visit the dentist every three to six months to ensure proper dental care and maintain the splint properly.

    For more info,visit the link www.identalhub.com/dental-remedies-for-loose-tooth-524.aspx

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