I need to have oral surgeries . I have sugar and high blood persuers. I went to Ben Tub said they will do the work wild I am awake . I told them they need to put me to sleep so they can do the work. The plan is to pull 4 teeth. If I put on headphone to play I still can hear the noise when you put them out. I go as far to put some thing over my I eyes so I can not see the needles . And that does not help I turn and get sick . When I ask them to put to sleep they me no. Are I have to weight about 6 month or more to get the done. I feel they do not want to help me because I to use the goldcare for my sevrice. pleas help me

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 24 - December - 2009, at 20:11 PM

  • As you have high blood pressure and sugar, you could not be put to sleep till both are things are under control. Yours is a complicated type of case when systemic problems are there. In a small dental practise there is no full arrangement for medical emergencies. I would advise you to go to some big hospital or dental school where medical facilities are available to take care of things. For more on dental topics you can browse our site www.identalhub.com

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