Im getting my braces off in 2 weeks. Im 20 years old and Im tired of seeing wires when I smile. My ortho told me I would be getting a retainer and it would have a wire around my front teeth. Is it possible to get a bonded retainer around the backside of my teeth so I don't have to see wires when I smile or have to take the retainer in and out when I eat???

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 27 - May - 2009, at 20:00 PM

  • Retainers after braces are must as they keep the teeth in new position in which they are moved by the braces. When the braces are removed, the teeth are not very firm in their position and they can bounce back to the original condition, spoiling all the efforts and hard work. Definately you can go for the bonded retainers, which is just a wire fixed on the backside of your teeth. They are called fixed retainers and are quite comfortable but you have to be very careful with them for maintaining good oral hyg. You can discuss the option of fixed retainers with your Orthodontist. For more on fixed retainers, you can read the following very informative article from our website...

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