root canal 5 years ago by dentist A. Only this one visit with him. Shortly after went to clinic of dentist B. he attended same tooth fitted post and crown. Abcess. clinic of dentist B xray and I was told by dentist C at same clinic as dentist B that root canal by dentist A was done badly, cone place in wrong place perforating pulp chamber. Told that dentist B should haave seen this and not put post and crown before problem remedied. Clinic boss says not responsible and refuses to admit that dentist B was at fault by placing post and crown on tooth with poor root canal and perforated pulp canal and incorrectly placed cone. dentist D at same clinic of dentist B also agreed fully with dentist c's report although neither spoke together about this. Please give your opinion. Should dentist B be held responsible for not informing me of Dentist A's poor work on root canal and perforated pulp chamber which he should have seen and for then placing a post and crown and charging me a huge amount of money. Now I have been told that the only remedy is to have tooth removed and have implant at huge expense. The clinic which is large, expensive and makes huge profits will not accept any responsibility. Is this right?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 04 - January - 2010, at 10:04 AM

  • Nobody can be blamed till xray and clinical examination is done. But if your root canal was done 5 years back and then you should have got the crown at that time only because after root canal treatment, tooth becomes brittle and tends to fracture and in your case that must have happened and that is why there was a need of post and core. If you never had any problem for 5 years after root canal treatment then chances of bad root canal treatment are very less. Now if you want to know about root canal treatment failure reasons then you can browse out website and study it.

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