I'm thinking it may be wisdon tooth related, but not positive. I am a 21y/o male. My two bottom teeth have always been a bit overlapped (one is back farther and behind the other at the edge) and i dont think theyve really gotten worse. Well last night my front bottoms started hurting, not bad, went to bed expecting it to be gone in the morning. Well morning comes and its worse. The gums where the two teeth meet are very raw feeling. I've now noticed that I can slightly wiggle both teeth. This is a major concern to me.. It may have been like this before, but i dont think it was. it doesnt take much effort to wiggle them either, just barely biting down with my top teeth on the bottoms, and moving my jaw back and forth slightly, i can feel it moving with my tongue. i can also see them moving in the mirror when i do this.. the one that is pushed back and not lined up with the rest is the worst.. please help

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 01 - October - 2009, at 20:30 PM

  • you have not mentioned the number of the tooth. it looks like you are talking about the two lower front teeth. in the front teeth if they are overlapping then there is difficulty in cleaning them. because of this there is frequent gum problems causing the resorption of bone and hence the mobility of the teeth. for this you have to maintain very good oral hygeine in this region. you should visit the dentist who after taking theX-ray will assess the amount of bone loss and if needed you have to go for gum surgery like flap surgery. but that can be decided only after seeing the X-ray and the proper clinical examination. this problem has nothing to do with the wisdom teeth. for more information on gum diseases you can visit the following link on our web site http://www.identalhub.com/articlecategory-gum-diseases-9.aspx

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