So yesterday i went to work and noticed my gums right behind my top front 2 teeth was a little swollen. It didnt hurt at all, but when i woke up this morning it felt like a knife was stabbed right in between my top front teeth.Its swollen really bad and theres no bleeding, but the swelling has caused a great deal of throbbing pain and giving me a headache.I also cant speak or spit right because my tongue cant go without touching it. Ive also tried salt water several times today with naps and still nothing.Any ideas on help??Thanks Torry

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 04 - September - 2009, at 20:33 PM

  • The gums behind the two front teeth is very sensitive . it swells very easily. the swelling can be because of traume like while eating something hard and it hit that area or it can be if you take something very hot. if food impaction is there even then swelling can be there. for this if pain is bad you can take pain killer and keep doing warm saline rinses. it will take 2 to 3 days to go. make sure that you do not irritate that area further. but keep the area clean. you can apply some gum paint which is available OTC. for moreinformation on dental topics you can visit our webste.........

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