• do i need to repace my tooth? 08 - Feb - 2010, at 20:27 PM - 1

  • i had my front tooth almost knocked out, but i just reset the tooth and its still in place. but its crooked and dis colored (purpleish) its not sore and no real pain of any kind. and im looking for a dentist in my area of las cruces, nm that does free consultations and has payment plan options...

  • # E knocked out 14 - Jan - 2010, at 20:15 PM - 1

  • My 3 year old son fell & E came completely out. The tooth fell on the kitchen floor & I grabbed it and put it back in his socket within 5 seconds. I did not wash it off. Is that going to pose a problem? Also he has been to the dentist since this happened & he just wants to wait & see him in 2 weeks..

  • Tooth pushed into gum 09 - Dec - 2009, at 20:12 PM - 1

  • My 2 year old son fell on a toy and his front Left tooth is completely up into his gum. We thought it broke off, but an xray confirmed it up in the gum. What are the chances the tooth will come back down?..

  • loose tooth 02 - Dec - 2009, at 20:15 PM - 1

  • I got hit in one of the front tooth playing rugby and now it's a little bit loose, it has got better as days passed. However, I am still worried if it will heal by itself. Also, should i wear my retainers while the tooth is loose?..

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